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Company Events
Staff morale and motivation are the key drivers and life blood to any successful organisation. Origin has a strong heritage in creating corporate development initiatives.
• Motivate
• Reward
• Acknowledge
• Celebrate
• Enhance
Origin can therefore support these, reinforcing and developing your staff and organisational goals and ultimately translating them into your operational ideals.

Company Functions

Objective: To create an environment of togetherness and celebration.

Programmes: Summer Balls, Cocktail Receptions, Bespoke Themed
Events and Christmas Parties.


Company Away Days

Objectives: To enhance morale, reinforcing corporate brand values in an appropriately managed environment.

Programmes: These can encompass Fun Days, Kick Offs, Meetings linked to Sporting Events, Hotel and Activity-based Conferences both
in the UK and abroad.


Objectives: To establish synergy and namely: 'the sum total (the team) is greater than the sum of its parts (individuals)' - Tsai Wharton. To establish empathy, trust, empowerment and team commitment.

Programmes: Keynote Presentation, Indoor and Outdoor Activities Facilitated and Non Facilitates Programmes and Community Teambuilding.

 Work and Life Management

Objectives: Identify and appreciate the impact an individuals work and life management has upon efficiency and effectiveness within an organisation. Identification of the impact that individuals as a whole have upon an organisations productivity.

Programmes: Workshops, Seminars, Keynote Speaking, Residential Retreats and One to One Executive Performance Coaching


Lifestyle Management

Objectives: To bring order and coherence to busy individual executive lives.

Programmes: These encompass the management solution delivery of personal lifestyle trait requirements.

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